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It's simple. There are 43 items. A total of 217 (If my math is correct) Points possible.

Internet stuffs:

Here's a nice easy one. What video game did the infamous catchphrase "All your base are belong to us" come from? [1 pt.]
You know the Spectral Pickle Factory, right? Where did that idea originate? I'd like a picture, please. [2 pts.]
Find a search engine that forces you to type words backwards in searching. [3 pts.]
Find me a picture of a professional card player wearing his/her sunglasses upside down. [4 pts.]
Find me a Flash Movie where every character EXCEPT ONE speaks mainly in awful-grammar 1337speak. [5 pts.]
Find me a website devoted to random pictures poking fun of of any -SINGLE- George W. Bush quote (That is, only one quote should be represented). [6 pts.]
What Flash movie contains the line "Hey, guys! I snuck in a Snickers!" (Hint: It is somewhat related to some other item on the list.) [7 pts.]
Go to and look at the "sites" there. Find me a similar site with its own domain name, not hosted on [8 pts.]

Items (Note, you don't need to send the items, just tell me them, ok?):

Find two items with numbers in their item description, not including the selling price. [1 pt.]
I want something with an autosell price of EXACTLY 136 meat. Find it, ok? [2 pts.]
Don't be one -- just get me one. [3 pts.]
What item "isn't here yet"? [4 pts.]
This item can be obtained by a level one player, but is avidly hunted for by higher leveled players in two other zones. What is it? [5 pts.]

In the kingdom, find
something described just like this
in very few words. [6 pts.]

Find me an item with exactly 9 occurences of the same vowel in its name. [7 pts.]
A perilous wait, perhaps, but mix it up and a lot of water is formed. [8 pts.]
Hmmmmmm... See, this item may fit many useful criteria, but there is only one correct item I will accept. This paragraph may not look like it will help; just stop for a second and voila!, you may find to what this paragraph refers. It is quite difficult, but there is only a single solution to this riddle. [10 pts.]


Give me any two five letter words with four vowels. [2 pts.]
An old favorite of mine. You have four toothpicks arranged in the shape of a plus sign. Move only one toothpick and form a square. Breaking or bending the toothpicks is not allowed.[4 pts.]
Find two letters that, when any of the 5 vowels are placed between them, form 5 actual English words. (E.G., if you choose c and b, you have cab ceb cib cob cub, but two of those aren't real words.)[6 pts.]
A terrible pun. If you search, you might be able to find the answer. You are trapped in a room with no doors or windows. All 6 sides are chalkboards with math problems. You have a piece of chalk. How do you escape? [8 pts.]
1515413 492 44958 573609 754819934 1375445 676 30701 58266568? (HINT: A certain square number may help you... And the answer is a number or series of numbers.) [10 pts.]


An anomaly? perhaps. Go where you entered, and find the anomaly. [1 pt.]
Find the "secret page" on my website. (HINTS: It isn't in any of the comics, nor is it gained by answering a certain way on the quizzes. The rest of the site is fair game.) [3 pts.]
I want you to send an in game message to a player. Now, I can't tell you directly who this player is, but you need to send a message to this player to receive your points. [5 pts.]
Go to this game. Get a rank of A- or better, and send the message. (Hint. You need, I think, 15,000 for this mark. My best is 23,033, for an A+.) -- [7 pts.]
Go to, and click the game "Flea Circus". What password is hidden behind the red box in this picture? ( (You have to go pretty far to get to it...) [9 pts.]


In the English version of the game Scrabble, how many points is the word "Obelisk" worth if it is not placed on any bonus spaces? [1 pt.]
Ok, please tell me the name of the video game where I got the name of my Store in Loathing from. [2 pts.]
How many nicks are on the side of the circumference of a standard United States quarter dollar coin? [3 pts.]
How would you type an octothorpe on your keyboard? [4 pts.]
How many Calories are there in a 16 oz. bottle of Cranberry Raspberry flavored Diet Snapple? [5 pts.]
My user ID in KoL (#52874) is an anagram of the first five digits of what proper (That is, < 1) fraction's decimal representation? [6 pts.]
What day of the year is "Have a Bad Day" day? [7 pts.]
A few years ago, where would you have been able to find a device which gives your weight in Campbell's Chunky Soup cans? (Don't know -- it may still be there) [8 pts.]
Why did King Henry VI ban kissing in England in 1439? (Be reasonably specific.) [9 pts.]
In the first ever major league baseball game in America, the umpire was fined for swearing. How much money was the fine? [10 pts.]


Ok, there's a buccaneer in my original rules post for this contest. Find it. [1 pt.]
There are many links on the internet. Find me a Link not leading to a website. [2 pts.]
If I told you that (Entropy)*(Time)*(Force)*(Potential Energy) = What you should do, what exactly SHOULD you do? [3 pts.]
From what website is the title of the "Your Barrel A Splode" adventure in KoL derived from? [4 pts.]
Here's a picture. Find the number I hid in it. ( [5 pts.]
Give me the link to the forum where I used the name of my shopkeeper in KoL as my alias. [10 pts.]

Good Luck and Happy Hunting...