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Ok, here's the individual stories behind each of the items I threw in the mall in this second, super-awesome and super-random table:

Penultimate Fantasy Chests: A while ago, I collected these chests. I got over 5,000, but at some point I sorely needed money. After about a week of unsuccessfully trying to pawn them for a semi-reasonable price, the idea for this new table occured to me. I tacked a couple ones to the front of my selling price because I needed a new, somewhat reasonably priced items for this list. Yea, that's about it.

Casino Passes: In another money making scheme like idea, I tried to come up with a new casino game. I got about 340 Casino Passes from Wicana, and put them in my store for the lucky price of 777,777 Meat per. Before the bug meat extravaganza, I used to have a game. You plunked down 10k or 100k, and I drew two playing cards. If they paired, you won 13.37 times your purchase. I quit this after I started my riddle contest. After unsuccessfully trying to create a new, original game, the passes just sort of rotted there. I don't know.

Photoprotoneutron Torpedos: Another random brain whim, and an experiment. I initially put up a single Torpedo for that price, and waited to see if anyone bit. After about a week, I can't remember who, but someone did. I put a few more up, with the explanation that "they are active and will blow you up if you buy them. That's why they are so expensive." After this, poad bought one anyways, and I made the following Paint-chopped image as a joke:

Ahem. Ah heh heh heh. They're still there, if you have the whim to blow yourself up.

Wint-O-Fresh Mints: I was the first person to ever have a Wint-O-Fresh Mint in the mall after Halloween. I tried to sell for 8,888,888 per, but too many people flooded mints into the mall before I could sell it. And I was far too lazy to pull it. It was bought anyways, and in tribute, I only keep the one Mint in the mall at any given time. If it is bought, I will not put another up until the next day.

Purple Pixel Pies: This was a speculation for a trophy. Didn't work, whoops. Now I had about 100 pies and nothing better to do with them. I threw them in my store for an inanely high amount. Two were bought before I turned it into a raffle idea. 2 tickets, 30 million to the winner. There is no reason for the exact number 17,392,684.

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