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[OR: What happens when someone with no graphics skills makes a comic]

Ok, here's a little project I decided to do in the span of about 3 seconds. Basically, it is a new "sprite" "comic", which will mainly star my sprite. Watch as he talks about and does absolutely nothing of importance!

These comics will not be NEARLY as long as the Yoshi's World series, but I will likely update this section a bit more than the Yoshi's World section, because my attention span caters more to a comic of this variety.

Yoshi's World is still being updated. Somehow.

Episode 1 -- My first episode. They get better. Trust me. I hope.
Episode 2 -- I hate my computer.
Episode 3 -- See? I can do SOMETHING well. Maybe not art, but still...
Episode 4 -- bark bark bark bark bark/yip yip yip yip yip yip yip/bark bark bark bark bark
Episode 5 -- This took over a year of nonstop work to make. Really. (Warning -- BMP format)
Episode 6 -- Coming ... maybe?