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To everyone who has a reason to read this:

The last three or so months, I've been struggling (unsuccessfully) to overcome problems I've had with talking to and meeting people I don't know very well. This has manifested itself into bouts of depression, as well as me, time and time again, going into chat and bitching about my problems. Over and over again. And I'm sure you all are completely sick of it by now, as sick of it as I am, but I seriously couldn't think of anywhere or anyone else to go to with them. This has recently gotten to the point where I am having trouble taking to even people I know reasonably well.

My apologies to everyone in /foodcourt or /clan or wherever else I tend to dump this crap for making you people listen to this garbage over and over again or temporarily (or fully) ignore me. I've decided to finally get off my lazy ass and see the college psychological health center sometime in the next week (starting Jan. 15th). I seriously hope this at least makes me able to be enjoyable around people and in chat, though I fear for the first couple weeks this may make things worse. I don't know.

Once again, I'm sorry for everything I've brought it upon myself to bitch about constantly. This needs to end, and the sooner it does the better off everyone (especially myself) will be.