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I've taken quite a few Mario trivia quizzes over the years. Problem with them is, all the questions on them are:

1. Really easy (E.G., What color is Yoshi?), or
2. Subjective, with no defined answer. (E.G., What is Wario's favorite food?)

And that is why I made these quizzes. These are truly difficult questions, things such as:

"How many levels in 'Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island' have no Middle Rings?"

And that one is of about medium difficulty. If you can score 4/10 or higher (That's a definite "F" in most schools),
you can still consider that a good score. A passing grade of 6/10 on any quiz is extremely good.

Oh yes, one last thing. The only 100% I know of on ANY of these quizzes is by "Sapphira" on the Paper Mario quiz.
Oh yes, I should tell you that she's written down EVERY line of dialogue from Paper Mario, just to let you know.
So, don't expect to get a perfect score, unless maybe you wrote down all the dialogue from one of these games.

4-19-04: Deezer, Webmaster of The Mushroom Kingdom, scored 100% on the Super Mario Bros. 3 quiz.
So you can either write down all the dialogue of a game or own one of the largest Mario websites on the internet
in order to score 10/10. Your choice.

EDITS: 4-19-04 -- Question 10 of SMB3 quiz changed slightly.
4-21-04 -- Added the new "Ultimate Mario Quiz", which demands knowledge of all the games. This one also has a top 10 feature which displays the top 10 scores for it.

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Ultimate Mario Quiz

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More quizzes may be coming eventually.

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