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This is a site where I basically show you what I do. Those coming from the Mario and
Lemmings forums I regularly visit should know me somewhat.

In fact, that is basically what this site is: a mashing together of two of my favorite game series: Mario and Lemmings.

LATEST UPDATE! (2-17-06): So, ya, I discovered in my rudimentary Computer Science class that "head" and "body" tags are kind of important for websites. Added the tags to my pages. Heh. Expect more bookkeeping-type revisions soon. Maybe.
(12-17-05): Sorry for the lack of updates. Yay, college. Anyways, I've not forgotten about Yoshi's World. Game or comic. Just no time. Anyways, yesterday was my 19th birthday, and I got, among other things, a neat flash animation. It's in the Miscellaneous section.
Also, I have a new, unofficial-ish addition to the Random Acts of Something strip. I guess I called it episode 5. Progress!
(6-29-05): I got a new laptop recently. This means that I will have much more time to work on Yoshi's World! The Game! (which I put off for a while) -- I am now about 40% complete, and about 50% sure that it will actually be finished someday. Awesome.
(4-9-05) Yoshi's World! The Game's demo has been revised, added to, and ... well... just play it.
(3-16-05) -- Yoshi's World Saga 2, Episode 1 is finally up! Finally. I've also re-started work on Yoshi's World! The Game! Enjoy.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Yoshi's World! The Game! (Full). 40% complete.
Demo version is complete! Go to the "Yoshi's World" section of the site to download.
Yoshi's World: Saga 2, Episode 2!
Lemedit Pack #10. 30% Complete.
Random Acts of Something: Episode 6.

Yoshi's World - Fan made Yoshi's Island based sprite comic. Last finished episode: Episode 2-1.
That's right! Saga 2 is coming! Don't ask WHEN, but it is!
This section of the site is rather bare, for it is under heavy construction.

Mario Quizzes! - WARNING: Extremely difficult.
Unlike most sites that advertise their quizzes as "hard", I actually MEAN it.

NOTE: Quizzes are down for now. Sorry for the problems.

Also, don't click here. Just don't.


First 7 packs (32 KB) Even if you have the packs in here already, many of them
have been updated, so they may be worth checking out again. Maybe. Last updated 3-18-04.
8th Pack (4.6 KB) - Revised 3-24-04. This version has an entirely different 10th level which is not annoying
to execute, but still just as hard to discover the trick used. Good luck!
9th Pack - Added 7-10-04. This pack has a couple of neat levels, a couple of levels adapted from other people's packs, and that contest level, which to my knowledge won that contest.

10th pack - 30% Complete.

LEMEDIT PACK WALKTHROUGHS (Note: Walkthroughs for sets 7-9 are not complete.)

1st Pack walkthrough
2nd Pack walkthrough
3rd Pack walkthrough
4th Pack walkthrough
5th Pack walkthrough
6th Pack walkthrough

Contest level: This level was made for Conway's mutli-task contest. Download here.

NOTE: You will need to use the back button on your browser in order to return to the main part of the site.

Random Acts of Something! "New" "sprite" "comic"!

Art Pages My fan "art".

The List of Donation Lists A series of lists of cool people who have donated stuff to me in a web game... just click the link if you're that interested, already.

This is a neat flash given to me by Suffix at TMK's Fungi Forums as a present for my 19th birthday. There's a couple neat downloads there, if you can find them.

This site will be under heavy construction forever. Expect many [?] updates.

~Insane Steve

Last update: February 17th, 2006