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NOTE: I am setting up a far more appropriate comic selection method. Look out for it.

Yoshi's World! The Webpage!

Episode 1 - The first episode. Meet the protagonist, and revel at my amateurish graphics skills.
Episode 2 - This episode explains what happened in Episode 1. And this description is hopelessly vague.
Episode 3 - Manny finds a friend. How sweet.
Episode 4 - The Yoshies devise a plan that puts conventional thinking to shame. Will it succeed?
Episode 5 - Find out why everything that has happened... has happened.
Episode 6 - This episode proves that sanity is inversely proportional to power.
Episode 7 - The inevitable occurs. Who will emerge victorious? Will anyone emerge victorious?
Episode 8 - The war begins! Heads will roll, and Tetris blocks wi--- errrr, just see for yourself.
Episode 9 - This episode rated PG-13 for a decent amount of violence. View at your own discretion, and don't sue.
Episode 10 - The saga ends, and a new one inevitably begins. Yay.


Episode 2-1 Finally! The second saga begins. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Or, a falling note.
Episode 2-2: 50% Complete

Good news for all you Yoshi's World fans! I am currently just beginning to design a Monkey Island style
game with the Yoshi's World theme! Of course, I need to learn the program first, but I'm getting there.

Demo: NEW AND IMPROVED! Download here
NOTE: To exit the game, press Ctrl+Q.
Overall game completion:

Graphics: 40%
Interactivity: 35%
Plotline: 99%
Overall: 40%

Here is a screenshot of the demo. This is what happens when you tell Manny to talk to the floor.
Another demo screenshot. Manny contemplates why it would be a bad idea to try to cross the river with the bridge out.
NEW screenshot! This picture shows the design of the new interface bar, and the entrance to the game's major town.

The game is only in 320x200 resolution; hence the small picture size.

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Last update: June 29th, 2005